Specialty Sensors

Acutap- BOF Drop Sensor

Acutap (T) is a drop sensor specifically designed for temperature measurement in the BOF. Typically, in order to measure the temperature, the converter must be tilted and a sensor then dipped manually into the molten metal in order to measure the parameters. By using Acutap, these steps can be avoided and at the push of a button, a probe is “dropped” into the converter while the converter is still vertical. The probe consists of a thermocouple fixed onto a metal weight and connected to a measuring instrument by a long length of coiled cable. When the probe head is dropped into the metal, the weight carries it downward and into the metal and long cable uncoils while transmitting the sensor signal to the measuring instrument. Acutap is an alternative to sublance measurements for existing converter shops where logistical reasons prevent the use of sublance sensors.

By avoiding the need to tilt the converter for taking a measurement, significant savings in time can be realized in the BOF process. These savings in time translate to higher productivity. Additionally, lower metal losses are also realized as the need for de-slagging (and the consequent loss of some metal along with the slag) are avoided for taking a measurement. Acutap probes are available for both temperature and oxygen measurement. For more information about Acutap probes, please write to us.