Metal Sampling

Chilled Samplers


These samplers are dipped into molten metal to extract a sample of the steel/hot metal which can be analyzed for the composition. The sampler comprises of 2 chill plates molded into a shell core/ceramic body. The sampler is fixed inside a convolute wound paper tube with customer specific lengths. 3 different sampler shapes are available:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Dual-Thickness

Dual/Combined Probes- Sampling and Temperature Sensors

We offer combined sensors for both primary and secondary metallurgy. These probes help reduce the measurement time and subsequently improve operator safety by reducing the number of molten metal immersions required.

  • Dual/Combined sampling and temperature sensor for hot metal – For use in Blast Furnace runner, torpedo, ladle, hot metal desulphurization station, etc.
  • Dual Combined sampling and temperature sensor for steel- For use in BOF/EAF, LRF and Tundish.