We offer custom systems for environment cleaning and disinfection. Our portfolio of disinfection systems include custom equipment for air, surface as well as water treatment.

Air Disinfection: We offer custom solutions for HVAC air disinfection. Our equipment can been installed in Hospitals, Offices, Airports, Malls and any other high traffic areas.

Water Disinfection: Our water disinfection and treatment systems are designed to effect a 3 log reduction in the bacterial and microorganism count in water. Our systems usually comprise a UVGI and particle filtration systems to disinfect large water installations such as overhead water tanks, municipality water, waste water, etc.

Surface Treatment: We offer surface disinfection systems based on UVGI for surface treatment in the food and beverage industry, packaging industry, medical industry, HVAC systems and any other application involving non-contact disinfection systems.

For more information and queries regarding our products and services, please write to us at [email protected].