About Us


We are actively inventing and developing new technologies and new products in response to the needs of the time and customer requirements and have introduced Indian customers to the latest state of the art technologies and systems. Some of our newest developments are:

SENSORS:  Use of permanent thermocouples for multiple and continuous temperature measurements of molten steel. Permanent mould iron and steel samplers, fiber optic based sensors for single use or continuous measurements in metallurgical furnaces and vessels.

MANIPULATORS/ROBOTICS: Wide range of manipulators to suit any application for use with sensors to automate molten metal measurements. Custom engineering and design to suit customer site conditions.

METALLURGICAL MODIFICATIONS:  On-line de-sulphurization of hot metal in the blast furnace runner with multiple benefits over the external de-sulphurization technique, improved de-oxidation practice with higher recovery of aluminum for fully aluminum killed steels having residual aluminum.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS: Air, water and surface filtering and disinfection using irradiation through ultra violet and gamma rays against bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and viruses